From horse-drawn to horsepower

905 Sutter Street changed with the times, from the auction of the city lots in 1856 to the site of Folsom's first modern multi-purpose building.

Sutter Street in Folsom, California, was a major street in the survey of the City of Folsom laid out by Theodore Judah in 1855. Sutter Street is now the main artery in the Historic District.

This project tracks the site of the 905 address from the early map showing two Chinese laundries on the property to today’s multi-purpose building. It includes the story of Jim Kellison, who designed and manufactured the Kellison race car at 905 Sutter Street in the 1950s.

This project marks the fortunes of the city as they fell and rose.

Photo Courtesy Bernau Development Corp.

 Jim Kellison’s car always raced with the number “905,” which was the address where the car was designed and manufactured.